Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chief Ekonomis Dah Jadi Chief Penyamun - Panggillah Saya Wawa......


Pembaca yang budiman,

Ekonomis adalah salah satu jawatan didalam kebanyakan bank sama ada local atau foreign. It is not a big deal! Setiap bank mempunyai seorang atau beberapa orang ekonomis. Ini sememangnya suatu kemestian bagi bank walhal peranan mereka didalam bank tidaklah sepenting mana. Nama bapanya Ahmad Tajuddin adalah nama yang sangat familiar. Setelah digoogled ternyata Ahmad Tajuddin bin Abdul Rahman adalah bekas CEO Bank Islam Berhad. Oleh itu,berkemungkinan besar Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajuddin adalah anak kepada bekas CEO Bank Islam, dimana dia bekerja. APAKAH ANDA FIKIR APA YANG SAYA FIKIR?

Wawa merupakan panggilan manja bagi Azrul Azwar oleh ketiga-tiga kawan baiknya iaitu Anwar,Nurul Izzah dan Rafizi.Apa nak buattttttt............... nasibbbbbb badannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...........Beginilah kisahnya bagi manusia yang tidak pandai bersyukur. Sekarang ini,dia bukan saje melanggar policy dan etika seorang pegawai bank MALAHAN jugak telah melakukan KESALAHAN JENAYAH dibawa akta BAFIA ( Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989). Segala bukti telah diperolehi oleh pihak berkuasa.

Sila baca seterusnya dibawah..............


Bank Islam lodged police report against Azrul Azwar

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

  •                     AZRUL AZWAR AHMAD TAJUDDIN Bank Islam Pakatan
A police report lodged against Azrul Azwar by Bank Islam accuses him of leaking confidential
information to a third party. (Graphic by Dayang Norazhar/The Mole)
KUALA LUMPUR: The case of former Bank Islam Chief Economist Azrul Azwar 
Ahmad Tajuddin deepened over the weekend when it emerged that a police report 
had been filed against Azrul Azwar by the bank. 

Blogger The Benchmark highlighted the police report in his blog on Sunday, writing: 

“The first step was an internal inquiry, which unearthed WAWA's scandalous relationship 
with ex-convict Anwar Ibrahim. WAWA has obviously compromised the interest of 
Bank Islam and committed criminal breach of trust and other related offenses.  

“Bank Islam's top leadership have done the right thing by lodging a police report but it 
certainly shouldn't stop there. While the police do their job, Bank Islam must pursue 
this serious criminal case by filing reports to the MCMC and the MACC.”

A scan of the police report shows it was made by Jamilah binti Abdul sallam, head 
of the bank’s Human Resources Department, who said (according to a translation 
of the police report): 

“While bank authorities were carrying out an investigation of Mr Azrul Azwar 
Ahmad Tajudin…Chief Economist of Bank Islam, for contravening the policies and 
code of conduct of the bank, they found proof and documentation that showed Mr 
Azrul Azwar may have also committed offences that amounted to crime. Bank authorities
found that Mr Azrul Azwar had in his possession confidential documents…minutes 
of meetings of the Board of Directors of Bank Islam, which contained confidential, 
sensitive information about a corporate exercise involving bank authorities. Mr. Azrul, 
who did not have authority to access those documents, turned them over to a 
third party without permission. The documents were scanned and sent through email to 
the third party on 21 June 2012…” 

Datuk Ahirudin Attan, aka Rocky, picked up on The Benchmark’s post on Monday and said: 

“Why did Bank Islam file a police report against its Chief Economist? Last Friday morning, 
a police report was lodged at the Dang Wangi police station in Kuala Lumpur not too 
far from the headquarters of Bank Islam.

"The report was made by the bank against its own Chief Economist, Azrul Azuwar Ahmad 
Tajuddin, 39, who showered himself in limelight by making a prediction at a regional forum in 
Singapore on behalf - but without the permission - of the bank that the ruling BN coalition 
would lose in the next general election.” 

He also wrote: "Wawa on Saturday threatened to sue, sue, sue if you slander him so, 
my Dear Readers, tread careful. Don't bust your butt."

Rocky had previously written about  the controversy that had erupted when Azrul told a 
regional forum in his capacity as Bank Islam chief economist that Pakatan Rakyat would 
win in the next election, a move that prompted the bank to take disciplinary action against
him and led to further allegations. Rocky wrote:
"As a bank officer, he was contravening the law. And as this was not his first offence, 
Wawa was suspended pending a Domestic Inquiry.
"The investigation, however, has brought to surface affairs and conduct more sinister 
than just political over-zealousness. Dozens of email correspondences between Wawa 
and Anwar, Nurul Izzah and Rafizi show a serious security breach in the bank, something 
which will spook the secretive banking industry.  

"The actual content of those emails has not been made known to the public but it will. 
What is certain, Wawa could not have the best interest of Bank Islam at heart."


  1. Dato'Ahmad Tajuddin was the CEO of Bank Islam from 1992-2002 Bank Islam lost Three Billion thru bad loans given via its off shore banking subsidiary It was during Dato Ahmad Tajuddin's tenure as CEO. Three billion is a very big amount and it affected Bank Islam very badly

    I am not saying he was responsible.or took part in it.I am saying that he was a CEO at that time period.You may check with Bank Negara on those if you want.

    1. Thank you Ben for your reply.

      Yes,I heard about the big loss on loan given out thro its off shore banking subsidiary. 3 millions is too much money even its paid up capital is just only 1 million over its authorised 2 millions. Really,they have had a hard time to emerge. Until today, they still have accumulated losses to be set off against its yearly profit.

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